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Transform your wellbeing  mission life

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Meet Andrew

Founder of Clearly Wellbeing

We believe in the power of coaching and psychotherapy to help you discover the insights, ideas and tools to live a fulfilling life. Our mission is to support people on their journey towards a life well-lived.

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Andrew’s empathetic and encouraging approach helped me think deeply about my life. I would always feel so much lighter after our sessions as well as feel confident in working on my action plan. His ability to hold a space and listen was so refreshing.
Debi L.
My coaching sessions with Andrew have been instrumental in not only achieving my short-term goals and milestones but also in changing my mindset. He is great at supporting whilst challenging me, helping me reach new places I didn't think were even possible.
Fareha L.
Head of PR
Before working with Andrew, I was struggling with work-life balance. Since our coaching sessions, Andrew has really helped me think carefully for solutions myself and I am now able to do this when faced with a challenge. I’m now able to balance my work life and am certainly growing in self-confidence.
Danielle B.
Senior Leader in Education
I had the privilege of working with Andrew throughout the integrative coaching programme and it was truly exceptional. Andrew's empathetic understanding, strategic guidance, and holistic perspective were invaluable. Andrew is an exceptional coach who truly helps clients find a way forward. I am grateful for his guidance and insight.
Martha E.
Mental Health Nurse
I found Andrew’s style of coaching very conducive to opening up easily and sharing what was on my heart. Andrew guided me into some thoughtful considerations regarding my business and where I’m going with it. I felt heard and understood, which was wonderful! I would definitely recommend working with Andrew as a coach if you’re looking for someone who is grounded and empathetic, with an all-round awareness of different facets of life. After our session, I feel clearer about the purpose behind my actions and the goals I’m working towards.
Aliki. R
Self-Discovery Coach

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