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Does this sound familiar?

Well you're not alone and there is a way through...

But first, let's understand why

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The Happiness Trap

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When asked what our life’s purpose is, most of us tend to describe it as the pursuit of happiness.

Paradoxically, this desire for happiness is actually causing us more unhappiness and misery.

We tell ourselves that the ultimate goal of our day-to-day lives is to find happiness, whether that be from our jobs, our relationships or even just trivial experiences.

It’s an innocent enough idea, yet it has some serious pitfalls.

If we rely on this idea too much, we may be too easily tempted to give up or worse, not even start on some of life’s testing yet worthwhile endeavours. 

We know deep down that discomfort is part of the journey in a meaningful life.

So why are we still so unfulfilled and discouraged when facing life’s challenges?

One reason…

We are yet to find our ‘Why’.

The Crisis of Meaning

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Feeling unfulfilled in your work and everyday life is all too common in the world today.

Knowing that we spend most of our time at work, only saddens our situation, making our whole life feel empty and meaningless.

Not only that, we also want to know that we actually making an impact in the world. 

Deep down we know we’re meant for more than just going through the motions, but we’re not sure how to make life meaningful. 

To make matters worse, we’re feeling burnt out and constantly overwhelmed. 

Even the simplest tasks sometimes feel like a challenge, draining us of energy and enthusiasm for life. 

When we drift through life in a haze, with no direction that inspires us, we feel lost and hopeless.

Our lack of meaning and purpose leaves us feeling aimless, unfulfilled and quite frankly, fed up.

Loss of fun and enjoyment in life leaves even the positive experiences feeling a little bit dreary. 

We wake up the next day, with a head full of dreams but no real idea of how to put them into action.

They, along with our aspirations and vision for a more fulfilling life, fade away, never to be turned into reality.

Imagine if you discovered your reason for being...

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To achieve the seemingly impossible, a fulfilling and mission-led life, it all starts with a simple question…


When you can get so clear on why you do what you do, the what and the how will not stand in your way. 

Imagine waking up every day with a clear direction in life that inspires you and gives you energy and purpose.

How would it feel to be making a meaningful impact in the world with every action you took? 

Where would you be in 2, 5, 10 even 20 years from now if you knew how to turn your dreams in actionable goals and take concrete steps towards achieving them?

What if you could fill the sense of emptiness you feel and find greater meaning and fulfilment, even in the seemingly mundane and challenging? 

Consider the life you’d lead if you could overcome burnout and achieve a better work-life balance. 

The life of fulfilment, meaning and purpose you’ve always been after awaits you.

If only you dare to dream just how powerful you really are…



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The home for professionals who want to prioritise their wellbeing, excel in a fulfilling career and elevate their personal development.

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Your Core Catalysts

These are your rocket fuel for your personal development, ensuring lasting transformations


Group Coaching

Benefit from the shared experiences and knowledge of your peers while receiving personalised feedback from your transformation coach.

Supportive Community

Join a community of committed individuals who share similar interests, goals, and experiences, providing a sense of belonging and support on your journey to a life well-lived.

Tools and Resources​

Our psychological tools provide you with the necessary clarity, support and motivation to overcome life's challenges and achieve your most ambitious goals.

Your Success Path Towards Fulfilment

In only 3 - 4 months you'll achieve the following milestones:

Clear Vision

Have a clear mission and purpose to your life that gives you meaning and joy.

Anti-Fragile Mindset

Develop an anti-fragile mindset that thrives in adversity and builds resilience for life’s challenges.

Healthy Habits

Master high-performance habits to compound success across all areas of your life.

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More Playful

Rediscover how much more fun you'll have with life as you play with problems and challenges.


You’ll feel more at ease with your day-to-day with your newfound confidence.

Elevated Energy

You’ll be waking up with more energy and more peace of mind as you’ll finally have the clarity, purpose and direction for a life well-lived.

These are only the beginning...

As you commit to this program, you'll develop new skills and self-knowledge that will take your personal and professional development to new heights.

When you stick with the program, implement the tools and resources, deepen your connection to the community, you will reach even more remarkable milestones on your quest for fulfilment.

Transform your

wellbeing mission life

Transform your wellbeing  mission life

What's Waiting For You Inside This Program

Module 1:

Craft Your Mission

In this module, we’ll be exploring the foundational elements of crafting a meaningful mission that aligns with your purpose and values.

You’ll understand the wisdom of pursuing fulfilment and how paradoxically you’ll discover more happiness in the process. 

Module 2:

Develop Your Unshakeable Mindset

You’re now clear on your reason for being, but the road to fulfilment requires new ways of thinking. 

In module 2, you’ll develop an anti-fragile mindset that ensures you thrive in the face of adversity. 

Uncomfortable experiences and limiting beliefs will no longer hold you back from pursuing your life of meaning.

Module 3:

Master High-Performance Habits

95% of what we do is an unconscious program. If we are to achieve lasting fulfilment and reach our full potential, we need to forge high-performing habits.

This module will uncover the habits that block our progress, and learn how to compound habits over time for extraordinary growth to finally put us back in the driving seats of our lives.

Module 4:

Discover Your Edge

On the other side of fear lies desire and a story within you which is an untapped source of strength for the journey.

You’ll discover what gives you the edge so that you can go the distance and shock those around you with how far you’re willing to go.

Module 5:

Lead with Confidence

The path to becoming an extraordinary thought-leader can be lonely. Imposter-syndrome creeps in the higher you climb. 

In this module, you will learn the paradox of confidence and why affirmations aren’t your greatest asset, but instead how embracing vulnerability makes you an authentic leader.

You’ll understand how to shift your state of procrastination and how to control the inner critic that constantly gets in the way of leading with confidence.

Module 6:

Upgrade Your Energy

In the concluding core module, we will explore all the things that drain you of energy and one by one, we will replace them with activities that bring you joy and a sense of purpose. 

We’ll create an energy investment system that ensures you don’t burn out whilst also prioritising the important duties and goals.

You’ll be equipped with a strong mental and physical state to provide sustainable energy to pursue your fulfilling and meaningful life. 

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Bonus 1:

Stress-Proof Masterclass

Knowing how to handle stress is a key skill to thriving in our daily lives. It is part of the human experience, so learning how to harness stress to get it working for you can create miracles in your lives. 

This masterclass will explore the vital role that stress plays in our lives and how even our perception of stress can have a dramatic effect on its power. You’ll walk away with effective tools and supplements to make yourself stress-proof.

Bonus 2:

Mindful Living Workshop

To truly treasure life, we’ve got to wake up from our trance and become aware. The art of living a fulfilling life depends on how mindful we are of our experiences.

During this workshop, you’ll learn both the theory and practice of meditation. By the end of this workshop, you’ll open the door to a deeper understanding of yourself and a new way of seeing the world.

Bonus 3:

90 Minute Deep Coaching Session

In addition to our bi-weekly group coaching calls, I’m offering an invaluable in-depth coaching session with me that can be booked anytime. Use this session as an opportunity to go deep and experience the transformational power of a 1:1.

You’ll have even more of my undivided attention as I personally coach you through any roadblocks, help you clarify your goals and support you in creating your action plan.

Meet Your Coach

Andrew Miles

Wellbeing Coach

As a senior mental health leader in education, I’ve had the pleasure of diving into the literature of psychology and wellbeing. My experience in delivering workshops and coaching clients around the wisdom of wellbeing has helped me discover insights that I am excited to share with you. 

My approach is integrative, as I draw on the fields of Integrative Coaching, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming. By using a variety of modalities, I can deliver a unique coaching experience that is suitable for you.

Our mission at Clearly Wellbeing is to help you connect with your reason for being and support you in your extraordinary journey to a life well-lived.

If you’d like to truly understand my personal ‘Why’ then please read my story below.

Wellbeing Coach

Our Unique Learning Framework

Each lesson you embark on follows a proven methodology to help you remember more and take action, ensuring you get the results you desire.

learning framework

Before commencing new learning, we will review prior learning to ensure our new knowledge transfers from our short-term memory to our long-term memory. 

We’ll use a simple and effective note-taking strategy to support your understanding and application in the real world.

Finally, a knowledge checkup at the end of the module will consolidate your knowledge so it stays fresh in your mind.

Research shows that story-based lessons help us engage and make connections with our learning. We use the 3 learning styles; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic which enhance your experience.

Our teachings are based on key psychological principles from Psychotherapy, CBT, Stoicism and Coaching.

To help simplify and clarify the lessons, we provide a summary of key points so you walk away after each lesson with a clear understanding.

Through the act of self-reflection, you will gain greater insights and understandings about yourself. 

The process of reflective questioning develops your metacognition, which will also raise your self-awareness.

Reasoning prompts will deepen your knowledge and application of the learning.

The use of introspective journalling will open the doors to new perspectives and paradigms, leading to greater clarity.

Use psychologically informed tools that will help aid your transformation from thinking to doing. 

Gain confidence in your learning by asking questions and receiving answers in the community. 

Take action with time-saving resources you’ll be excited to use, moving you closer towards your wellbeing goals.

The 5-Step Process

You're closer than you imagine to a life of fulfilment

Submit Your Application

Fill in the short application (only 3 minutes) by clicking on 'Apply Now' so that we can learn more about you.


Your Application is Reviewed

We'll review your application to see if we can truly support your specific goals with this program.


An Exclusive Invitation To Join

Andrew our founder will reach out to you with a personal message, a sneak peek into the community and an invitation to join the program.


Opportunity To Connect

We'll be here for you to schedule a video call and answer any questions, doubts or worries that are on your mind.


Celebrate Your Commitment

You've decided to join the community and learn the insights, ideas and tools to lead a fulfilling life. Andrew and the community can't wait to warmly welcome you as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation like you've never experienced before.

Is This Program For Me?

This program is NOT for you if…

This program is FOR YOU if…

Here's What You'll Receive In Your Membership:

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Connect with your peers on the go 

Seamlessly connect with fellow community members on the go, fostering real-time discussions, shared experiences, and a supportive network at your fingertips. 

Whether you’re seeking advice, celebrating successes, or navigating challenges, our group chat ensures you’re always part of the conversation. 

Embrace the convenience of staying engaged with your peers, amplifying the sense of community and collaboration in the palm of your hand.

A person participating in a virtual group meeting on a laptop.

Experience Accelerated Growth

Integrative Coaching:

Unleash your full potential with the power of collective growth. Our group coaching propels you forward faster, leveraging the diverse experiences and insights of a community committed to your success.

Community Connection:

Experience the strength of a like-minded community. Forge lasting connections, exchange ideas, and benefit from shared wisdom. The bonds formed in our group coaching create a support system that helps you achieve your goals.

Tailored Support:

Receive personalised guidance within a group setting. Our experienced coaches provide tailored advice, addressing individual challenges while benefiting from the collective wisdom of the group.

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Discover Your Edge Through Powerful Tools

On-demand Empowerment:

Access powerful audios and videos at your fingertips. Our Personal Development Tools offer on-demand resources, allowing you to cultivate personal growth whenever and wherever you need it. 

Meditation Library:

Immerse yourself in our mindfulness meditation series, designed to cultivate focus, reduce stress, and enhance your overall wellbeing.

Moments Library:

Elevate your mindset in minutes with our Moments Library -designed for quick, powerful shifts that bring lasting fulfilment and clarity.


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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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If you feel that you’re not enjoying the program after giving it an honest try, just email [email protected] before:

  • the 30th day following your purchase, and…
  • before you complete the 2nd module.

We’ll quickly and promptly refund your entire payment.

We want you to feel confident this is the right path for you in your journey towards lasting wellbeing.

So apply today with the peace of mind knowing you can just trial out the first module with no commitments. 

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The Future You

See the potential, embrace the possibilities.

integrative life coaching
A woman and a man in a video chat.
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Andrew’s empathetic and encouraging approach helped me think deeply about my life. I would always feel so much lighter after our sessions as well as feel confident in working on my action plan. His ability to hold a space and listen was so refreshing.
Debi L.
My coaching sessions with Andrew have been instrumental in not only achieving my short-term goals and milestones but also in changing my mindset. He is great at supporting whilst challenging me, helping me reach new places I didn't think were even possible.
Fareha L.
Head of PR